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Filled Prompt Post
insane_pyro_grl wrote in tgs_kink
Filled a prompt?

Post it here! It's a one-stop-shop of filled prompts!

Make sure you post the original prompt plus pairing with the fic.

And if you decide to post to Ao3 - make sure you use the TGS Kink Meme tag so people can find your completed fic!

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Anything sub!James. Preferably dildoes/plugs and/or figging.

Can be found here:


Pairing: OT3 [James/Jeremy/Richard]
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,166
Warnings: PWP, Figging, Paddling, Role Playing
Summary: Jeremy and Richard deem that James deserves a punishment.

Jezza as the angry headmaster is brilliant and I love the idea of them playing naughty school boys.

Prompt: Always-a-girl!Richard/James in Vietnam
Rating: G

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