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Kink Prompt Post
insane_pyro_grl wrote in tgs_kink
Welcome to the TGS Kink Meme!

Post your prompt for a fic and then hopefully someone will write it!

If you post an idea, you should try to write one, but it's not mandatory :)

Anon posting is allowed!

Once you write a prompt, post it over at the filled prompt post so more people can see it!

And if you don't want to remain anonymous, when you post to Ao3 use the tag TGS Kink Meme so everyone can find your fics :)

Based off of Richard's tweet about how 'leather really brings it out' in Jez.

Pairing: OT3

Pairing: Jeremy/James

James teaches Jeremy what shaving sex is. (from that episode of Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours)

Anyone doing anything to that tiny glimpse of neck you see under the Stig's helmet.

yes please.

James being dp:d (double-penetrated) by Richard and Jeremy.

Anything sub!James. Preferably dildoes/plugs and/or figging.

Can be found here:


Pairing: OT3 [James/Jeremy/Richard]
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,166
Warnings: PWP, Figging, Paddling, Role Playing
Summary: Jeremy and Richard deem that James deserves a punishment.

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Because they are having a transatlantic bromance, and Rutledge seems very keen on having Richard over.

Re: Richard/Rutledge


James/Mika Hakkinen

James asked on Twitter if phonesex is actual sex. One of the other two accept the challenge.

Anything involving dom!James, with Hammond being the brattiest sub ever.

Richard Hammond / Tony Stark.

Arc Reactor Boyfriends.

Because, come on, it's perfection and I want porn.

I see what you did that, and I'm all over this shit.

Story behind James' wound on his lower lip during their Off-road Mobility Scooter Challenge.


Are genderswap prompts allowed?

Always-a-girl!Richard/James in Vietnam?

ooh I like this.

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Sub!Clarkson and dom!Hammond. Preferably while May watches.

In a livechat on Jalopnik, this happened (emphasis added):

Rutledge Wood [1/3 of TG USA]
Hello Mate! Who's your favorite host on TG USA?

Richard Hammond
I love you all guys, in a real and physical way.

Three scenes where Richard shows this love. For some reason, I imagine it's a bit rougher with Adam and Tanner than it is with Rutledge. Just keep it consensual. :)

Oh my God, Rutledge, you are not subtle with your bromancing.

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Anything involving James May, sex, and SCIENCE.

Come on, you know you want it too.