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Questions or Comments?
This is just a post to page-a-mod if there are any questions, comments, or concerns :)

Filled Prompt Post
Filled a prompt?

Post it here! It's a one-stop-shop of filled prompts!

Make sure you post the original prompt plus pairing with the fic.

And if you decide to post to Ao3 - make sure you use the TGS Kink Meme tag so people can find your completed fic!

Kink Prompt Post
Welcome to the TGS Kink Meme!

Post your prompt for a fic and then hopefully someone will write it!

If you post an idea, you should try to write one, but it's not mandatory :)

Anon posting is allowed!

Once you write a prompt, post it over at the filled prompt post so more people can see it!

And if you don't want to remain anonymous, when you post to Ao3 use the tag TGS Kink Meme so everyone can find your fics :)